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Mapping Terroir along the Mosel River

Centuries of tradition have made many European winemakers very proud of their “terroir” – that is, the specific geographic and geologic conditions unique to each vineyard that give grapes a characteristic flavor when made into wine. One region with a … Continue reading

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Gerrymandering in the US, State by State

With 2012 being an election year after a census, congressional redistricting is a frequent news item. As in this article, gerrymandering is frequently cited as a major problem associated with redistricting. State legislators are often in charge of submitting new … Continue reading

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22 Years of Human-Induced Land Cover Change

Check out this handy map tool that lets you move a slider to compare various places across the earth’s surface between the present and 22 years ago. The false color from the 1990 Landsat satellite gives it an unexpected contrast with today’s true color, but you can still see the stark difference in some places that farming expansion, overuse of water, and climate change can make.

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Using GIS to Reveal Downtown Gainesville’s “Niche Market”

by Blake Harvey There was an article in the Gainesville Sun recently about vacant restaurant and retail locations throughout the city. Mike Ryals, a realtor with Bosshardt Realty Services, has been showing some of these properties and claims that while some vacant restaurant locations … Continue reading

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